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5. February, 2014

List of 10 Awesome Apple Infographics – Thirty Years of Mac Anniversary

30 Years of Mac

Monday on Apple’s Web site, the 90-second amazing video takes us all around the globe as we watch people of different ages and nationalities using the Mac in their professional and personal lives. We peek in on students, kids, researchers, designers, musicians and inventors tapping into the Mac with some scenes of the iPad and iPhone as well. The video ends by telling us that it was all shot in one day using iPhones. It’s quite impressive video quality, knowing that it was shot using mobile phone…

Main reason Apple posted this video – celebrate 30 years of Mac. We thought would be good idea to collect some Apple infographics and [...]

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7. August, 2013

Best Free Infographics and Design Software for Mac

Best Free Infographics and design Software for Mac roundup and review.

Professional graphic design software and tools are expensive and not everyone can afford it. Especially if you are not graphic designer and you will use it only for a single project. If you haven’t decided yet which software to use on your Mac for your next Infographics project, we hope this top 3 list will help you.


Freely distributed software and one of the most popular of all free graphic design tools.Using GIMP you can perform same basic tasks as on Photoshop: image composition and creation,color correction, photo retouching and image size. If you need to perform more complicated tasks GIMP [...]

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