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23. June, 2016

The Evolution Of Apple

Apple was founded back in 1976 on April 1st. The company is now more than 40 years old. It is interesting to see how the company was actually created in its early days. The story is usually the same. It’s a tale of few friends, one old garage and starting from humble, small beginnings. Back in the day, in this story there were 3 friends. Even though most visible founders are Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs, if it wasn’t their friend Ronald Wayne we maybe could never have iPad, iMac or iPhones today. Steve Jobs told Wayne to take his 10% of company but 12 days later Wayne backed out, selling his holding for just small $500 dollars that would today worth around [...]

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7. March, 2016

The Evolution Of MAC Security Threats

Computer operating systems always evolve, and OS X is no different when it comes to this. But Mac users are not really fully safe. Mac exploits and malwares are out there, not just some myth. Users of Mac have been targets of identity theft, various frauds and even espionage campaigns. As, you could see in infographic above. So Apple has been adding much of privacy enhancing and security features to OS X over the time and helping in protecting their customers fighting some of those threats. With each new version of updates, Apple has been improving Mac’s security. In 2005 April, Apple released OS X Tiger. In that, Apple has put a new feature called Download Validation [...]

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3. March, 2016

Mac vs PC People

Do you love sports? Or cars? Or mobile phones? Well, whatever you like you probably have some club, manufacturer or model that is your favorite. And whatever someone else says against that it’ll still be your favorite product. That same thing stays for Mac and PC. Just to explain something, Mac stands for Apple computers with Mac OS X operating system while PC stands for personal computers that have Windows operating systems installed on them. If you try to explain that Mac is better to someone who likes PC more then you’ll probably end up in a fight with that person. The war between Mac and PC fans began long time ago and it’s impossible to know where it’ll end. But what exactly are [...]

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5. February, 2014

List of 10 Awesome Apple Infographics – Thirty Years of Mac Anniversary

30 Years of Mac

Monday on Apple’s Web site, the 90-second amazing video takes us all around the globe as we watch people of different ages and nationalities using the Mac in their professional and personal lives. We peek in on students, kids, researchers, designers, musicians and inventors tapping into the Mac with some scenes of the iPad and iPhone as well. The video ends by telling us that it was all shot in one day using iPhones. It’s quite impressive video quality, knowing that it was shot using mobile phone…

Main reason Apple posted this video – celebrate 30 years of Mac. We thought would be good idea to collect some Apple infographics and [...]

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