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22. June, 2016

The Complete Guide to Logo Design for Startups

Greatly designed logo will make first impression of your company and personality of brand. This is why almost every serious business or company are very wise when using logos on their social media and other marketing fronts in campaigns of advertising. If you are the owner of small business it’s especially important to make people remember your company logo. Logo that is memorable can make your potential customers fall in love with your brand as well as build a very strong connection to it.  That is why if you look at all the big brands, you can see they are highlighting their logotype. When people are seeing ads, their primary focus is on it. If you plan to build up [...]

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4. April, 2016

Top 20 Best Logo Templates For Spring 2016

Nothing else can better symbolize your company as it does logo. It makes you stand out from the rest. The distinctive symbol, is one of the most important elements of any business. Nothing can so easily and effectively establish visual contact with the public and influence the formation of the identity of your business.

Have you ever wondered what effect logo leaves on the viewer? What image is going through your head when someone mentions brands like McDonald’s or Coca-Cola? A large number of people will think of the golden-yellow letter M with strong arches of McDonald’s as a symbol or a specific written font for Coca-Cola.

It’s interesting that, [...]

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11. February, 2016

How To Create a Persuasive Logo

When it comes to your business or website, logo is a very important item in branding and therefore it should be given special attention to it. Logo is what will people recognize and remember. Whether you personally design your own logo or you give the job to someone who would be able to make it professional – we will write some important rules of designing the persuasive logo.

It should not be too colorful Therefore, in the design of any professional logo should not be used more than 3 colors. Check to see if your existing logo corresponds to this rule.

It should be quite minimalist ie. simple In translation that means avoiding of all unnecessary things. [...]

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7. December, 2015

10 Things You Need to Know About Logo Design

Company logo is the first thing that customers will notice! Here are some tips on how to make one:


First, decide how you will use the logo – for the company, service or product, and whether you will use the name and icon or just the name. Avoid using just icon unless your company already has an image.


To stimulate your creativity, compile a list of existing logos and bundle them into competitive, industrial, those you like and those you do not like. After you finish the list, save it. yAgain, the view on Check this list again when you are finished with the design to see the way in which you apart from the competition.

Design in black and [...]
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