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23. June, 2016

The Future Of Lighting Is LED

In the world of LED lighting, you can be sure that there are always some innovations and developments  on the horizon. There’s a great reason why LED technology had taken the world. People are starting to buy LED bulbs because lightning can be big part of entertainment or even better- it can work with other connected tech in your home or any type of space. What customers want is light adjustment. This means lights talking to each other. When you think of it, it’s actually happening everywhere. On the street, refrigerators, cameras, rooms. Physicians in hospital for instance want to be able to change color of lights in operating and examination rooms or lower the [...]

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11. March, 2016

Facts About Led Signage

LED signage is a way of visual communication, and for any company to convey their message, bright light that is of high quality is essential. LED signages are not all created equally. There are some big differences between various LED signage types and if you don’t know them, they could as well hurt your wallet. But let’s start with basics first. What is actually LED? It means Light Emitting Diode. So LED is actually a small light bulb, but little different from classic bulbs. They are far more efficient, with longer life span and they don’t have filament. If you don’t know what filament is, it’s lightning in bulb where light is being produced, [...]

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