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9. December, 2015

Fun Ways Kids Can Learn to Code

Smartphones, tablets and other gadgets are a great passion of many teenagers, and mature people. But surely you’ve noticed that children literally stick to the screen of your cell phone and often you take them you play the game that you did not know that you have on your smartphone.

Today’s children are growing up with this technology and much faster is overcome, than adults. Everyone can agree that children need to learn reading, writing, and arithmetic, but computer coding should be a “must learn” skill now? A number of computer science experts and entrepreneurs think so. There are plenty of toys, games, and other ways for parents to help their [...]

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15. July, 2015

Best Explainer Videos Startups Could Learn From

As we have introduced you with Explainer Videos few days ago, today we decided to bring you best explainer videos we have seen. We took the liberty of sourcing some pretty good ones for you to draw inspiration and learn from. Here are the top videos that made the list.

Best Explainer Videos Content Marketing Institute

Content Marketing Institute is another powerful leader in inbound marketing. Their explainer video doesn’t have the catchy animations, but it does a great job of explaining who they are, and their position in the content marketing industry. This video is a perfect example of how to produce a non-animated startup video.



The ZenCash [...]

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10. July, 2015

Learn From Your Competitors’ Social Media Marketing Strategy

Have you ever wondered how your competitiors developing social media marketing strategy? How do they do it? Why are they so successful?

Social media such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter or Foursquare today have become so important and essential part of the presentation and communication companies on the Internet. Even today, people are looking for information through social networks, not only on search engines like Google or Yahoo. Social networks must begin to imagine such a virtual world where all internet users spend their time. If you want to find them somewhere, it will be easier to do right there.

As mentioned, the environment of websites is completely changed, so [...]

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26. February, 2015

What programming language should you learn? – Infographic

Beginners can very easy get lost in a wide selection of programming languages ​​and in the sea of framework for these programming languages. On various forums and websites can be found discussions which programming language is the best, how, why, what are the advantages, which are disadvantages and so on.

Programming can be learned by anyone. It is certainly an advantage if you are a problem-solving person, or a person who in a simple manner can solve a complex problem and can some real-world problems solve by going to translate into program code. There is only one obstacle that can determine whether you will learn to program or not. This obstacle is the interest in [...]

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