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15. September, 2017

5 Hacks how to Boost Page Clicks and Increase Conversion Rate in 30 Days

Page Clicks are the most important event in the online marketing. Marketers have worked for decades to discover the most influencing call to action messages and tactics. It is important and curtail for your business to have landing page with powerful call to action.

This is actually very simple to achieve with these 5 hacks and in this post, I will try to make it clear and informative in order everyone can understand the “magic behind”.

To boost page clicks on your landing page, you need powerful call to action. Call to action consist from only three main rules.

You should not make your customers think twice. You should drive your customers to act now. Demanding an [...]
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14. October, 2014

Landing Pages Templates

Landing Page is a destination page with content tailored for advertising, in order to give a clear message to the visitor. They are used for different purposes, but they have the same GOAL- bring visitors and make traffic (conversion). Landing page is a call to action!

How to use Landing page in internet marketing? Once a visitor gets search results for the keyword or phrase by the Google search engine he can choose whether to visit the page of organic search or a paid results based on relevance ads. If a visitor clicks on a highlighted paid ads on the top or right side of the search engines he is routed to your destination (landing page).

Landing Page is not a classic [...]

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