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20. March, 2014

iOS 7 Infographic: Most Popular iOS7 Colors on the Apple AppStore

Have you ever wondered what the most popular colors are in each category of the Apple app store? iOS 7 Infographic below shows very interesting results. Folks at company named “Brandisty” crawled Apple Appstore iOS7 apps and grabbed the top 5 app icons in each category.Thereafter ran a histogram color analysis on each one to find out which colors were used most often. What they found was very interesting.Before you design your next app icon, take a look at the most popular iOS7 color palettes below. Infographic features top iOS 7 apps colors in main apps categories. Scroll down this awesome infographic and see the results!


Infographic [...]

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7. October, 2013

Free iOS 7 TwitterBootstrap One Page Template


TwitterBootsrap and FontAwesome 3.2 wrapped in iOS 7 design

Several months ago, before new iOS 7 mobile software release date, i was working on app showcase project for my client. Customer wanted to build a website in iOS 7 style,colors and fonts. At that time it was quite difficult to find any similar projects on the web and i had to start from scratch. First – colors. Apple joined Microsoft and Google in “Flat Design Club” and i had to build website following flat design guidelines. I build many variations and design templates so that customer would have from what to choose. It took me couple weeks and my project was finally finished. Client was [...]

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