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8. November, 2017

6 Successful Blogger Outreach Strategies to Build Authentic Relationships

Whether you are a good person or not is up to other people to decide. The only thing you can do is try your best to build your reputation as such. The way you use SEO strategies to achieve good reputation with Google is by showing respect and adhering to its rules. Link building is where it truly becomes personal as you need to get those already liked by Google to like you. This is where blogger outreach comes to place. You will probably feel like a new student in a class but there are a couple of strategies which can help you through this.

Create amazing content

Providing high-quality content is an investment in creating a solid foundation for your business’s future. [...]

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21. April, 2016

Marketing With Memes

Memes are always present in online experience, especially shared on social media platforms. The popularity of this phenomenon has grown so much. Memes are interesting by its nature and part of online culture. While most of the time, the aim of memes is to be sarcastic and funny, they can be used for business. Memes attract our attention and people can take advantage of it as long as they do it in a clever and smart way.

What is meme actually?

Memes are humorous videos, images or pieces of text that is often copied online and spread with fast speed by users of internet. So how can you create effective meme for your company or business? The crucial thing is to find the [...]

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5. April, 2016

Native Advertising And Market Trends For 2016

At the end of one year and beginning of new one, there’s always question and predictions what will be next and hot on the market. As we are almost half in this year already, the interests are increasing. There was a study where people were asked what they think will be biggest trend when it comes to advertising and marketing trends for this year. The study received more then 1,500 answers and the most of people think that content marketing is going to be number one activity with greatest commercial impact. Other trends following are big data which means customer and market insight with predictive analytics and marketing automation, mobile marketing was 4th on the place. [...]

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