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23. October, 2015

All About Amazon: Interesting Facts, Stats, History Timeline & More

Amazon started their business 20 years ago in the garage, and now they have even more employees than Microsoft. There are very few people on the Internet who have not heard of Amazon.com. Their slogan “Earth’s biggest selection”, shows that they are the largest in its field and the vast majority of Internet users knows that.

All about Amazon

Back in 1995 Amazon opened the virtual doors of their shops and then, only a few people knew what the word Amazon.com even means. Was their brand recognizable than? Well, very little. Becoming a global brand is not so easy. Probably on the incredible rise of Amazon.com you can find a volumes analysis of its successful [...]

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22. September, 2015

Interesting Instagram Stats

Today’s society is developed and technologically advanced, can you imagine a world without gadgets and mobile devices? It is difficult, because it is very hard to imagine daily activities without our phones, applications, social networks, etc …

One such application that people use every day more and more is the instagram. Instagram is one of the most popular free application for sharing photos or videos via mobile phone (Android, iPhone, Windows phone) on social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr). You are able to record a short video or take a photo and edit it using various Instagram effects  and then share it with your friends.

Instagram greatly [...]

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8. July, 2015

Bitcoin Currency – Interesting Stats

Bitcoin currency is the money of the Internet, the virtual currency without banknotes and coins, ie. It is completely digital currency that has the potential to become a global money.

At Bitcoin marketplace users buy virtual currency for real money and get Bitcoin equivalent. Once purchased bitcoin is then stored on a buyer computer (digital wallet), until it is used in the virtual world to buy some goods or services. Bitcoins can be sent to another person, spent in the purchase or donated. You can pay with Bitcoin at shops where they accept Bitcoin currency payment or so-called BitcoinDeals.

What makes that currency different from the use of other electronic money, [...]

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21. May, 2015

Infographic: Interesting Facts About Android

Did you know that Android is the most popular mobile operating system in the world? And it is growing every day with astronomical share of 80%, it is well ahead of competitors such as iOS and Windows Phone platform. The answer to this question you probably already know, but probably do not know all the important facts about this operating system.

What is Android?

It is the operating system owned by Google. Used primarily by portable devices such as smartphones and tablets, but gradually expanding to other devices, such as watches, televisions, cameras … Currently, the most widely used operating system of its kind. The main competitors are iOS (Apple) and Windows Phone [...]

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