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5. November, 2016

SEO Strategies Improving Your Rankings by Implementing Social Media

Social media has generated to a diverse field that entails numerous platforms with different kinds of niches boosting your SEO strategies. Such platforms offer businesses superb niche opportunities that are very useful in their campaigns.

It might be confusing when you are faced with the challenge of choosing the right platforms that suit your needs to back your SEO efforts. For sure, it might be tedious spreading your strategy on each platform you come across. The reason you do this is because you are in the  pursuit of maximizing on your budget. So, you are now wondering which social media platforms can best support your SEO campaigns.

Why bother with social media [...]

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21. August, 2016

How does the Social Media affect our SEO ranking?

There has been various speculation among  all SEO consultants and strategist about whether social media and SEO have been working as a couple to affect any search rank. So as to increase the online presence of a particular website. From the current happenings in the SEO world. The rumors can be confirmed as true and valid.

SEO and Social media marketing strategies are closely intertwined since they both focus on creating a favorable appeal that naturally and continuously attract visitors.  When high-quality content that is visible is posted on social media sites. All SEO efforts you make create a strong brand presence out of social media reach. Therefore, online marketers [...]

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8. June, 2016

Cool Hashtag Marketing Tips For Instagram

Marketing on various social media platforms is the thing now. One of most interesting things is the use of hashtags. Today it represents the essence of communication through the social media. They can also help users on Instagram to pick up new followers or discover new accounts. Hashtags on Instagram are very, very important. If you use the right ones you will get more followers, customers and even likes, there is no question about it. But, not everyone can easily find out what are the proper hashtags for their business. Hashtags are crucial for 3 elements. They can increase reach of posts, which will attract even more followers, you can find individuals with similar [...]

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11. May, 2016

What Does It Take To Build An App Like Instagram

Many people wonder how to build powerful app from the scratch, and is it really possible if you consider the magnitude that one Instagram has. Instagram is powerful way of sharing and capturing moments. It also serves as social platform where you can socialize and add other friends. Superstars are also known for using Instagram which is making it even more famous. So what would be the cost of making app an like this? Know that charging for app is different based on which platform is used, either Android, Windows or iOS. The basic cost for Android and iOS platform if you consider designing, research part, technology, screens, and research part logically something between $6000 [...]

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