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13. January, 2017

(CES) 5 Mind blowing technologies from the International Consumer Electronics Show

The International consumer electronics show CES 2017 is a holiday for all of us who love high tech. Every year people from all over the world gather to see scientific wonders. This year was no different and we have seen so many wonderful products of human imagination. I could write about all of them, but it would take days to write. So, I’m going to share with you some of the most interesting and most talked about products. Sit back, and enjoy these 5 mind blowing new technologies from the CES 2017.

Abilix Oculus vacuum cleaner

I know, it doesn’t sound as much. It’s a vacuum cleaner, so what? Well, this little guy is so much more than just a vacuum cleaner. It can be your [...]

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18. October, 2016

Solar Panel Hidden Benefits Means Power Output Creating Motion

A solar panel is a renewable source of energy where the electricity amount depends on three key things. They are of the panel size, sunlight amount striking the panel and solar cells efficiency. Well, we will focus what to expect from a solar panel and analyze how the power output meets the gadgets and appliances needs inside your home.

The max power rating mean

The maximum power rating is usually listed on the back your solar panels. It indicates how much power will produce under ideal conditions. Using peak sun (1000 sunlight watts / square surface meter) labs can test and calculate the output of the solar panels. The sun’s power at noon, at the equator, on a sunny [...]

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