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1. July, 2016

The Most Hated Internet Innovations Of All Time


Even though those are inventions from the geniuses of technology, viruses, pop-ups and spams are perceived as internet’s headaches for the community. Were you aware that first email spam was sent back in 1978? After the initial creation of the email, it wasn’t long after when email started to be corrupting. It’s no wonder because today, almost 70% of emails are just pure spam. Spams inside email are not only annoying for users, but are also effective, causing severe and real damage. The internet is constantly changing, and it sure came a long way in last 20 years. But throughout the history of the internet, there have been some bad innovations. [...]

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4. April, 2016

5 Technology Trends Driving Innovation

There are lots of new technologies developing every day. But which technology drive the most innovations? And what technologies could start the new revolution in industry? It’s not really hard to see that and pick 5 technology trend that stand out the most among the others. What are those 5 technologies? Read the article to find out.

Internet Of Things

The term “Internet of things” became very popular in last few years. Lots of people hear about it and then search the internet to find out some basic information about it. But what is it exactly? Why do people mention it that much?

Predictions for 2020

Internet [...]

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12. January, 2016

Top 10 Innovations by 2050

Innovations are the applications of new and improved ideas, procedures, goods, services, processes, which brings new benefits or the quality of the use. Innovations in the wider sense make improvements in the areas like: construction products (technological innovation), innovation processes, work organization or business, marketing, services and others.

Being innovative is not only to develop new high-tech product. For many enterprises innovation management process involves the systematic exploitation of new ideas in order to achieve competitive advantage and growth. The benefit of this approach is obvious – processes can be measured, benchmarks can be established and [...]

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