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27. January, 2016

If You Want More Visitors – Use Infographics

When you enter the mall or walking down the street full of shop windows, which will be the first to attract your attention? Of course, the most colorful, full of detail and colors. It’s the same on the Internet.

In a variety of offers and the various facilities that are offered, the one which will attract attention first is one that displays the content in a creative and fun way. And this is content in form of infographics.

Let’s see how it works! Why you should use infographics:

infographics attract the user’s attention users are readily share this content content that is shared is better ranked on the search engines isnfographics stand out in a [...]
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6. January, 2016

Infographics – When Images Tell The Story

The claim that a picture says more than 1000 words not only confirms its veracity in today’s digital era, but also gaining importance day by day. With more information with which we are daily confronted and the general state of the data overload, it is easy to recognize the importance of the visual presentation of the same data. Visually presented content especially in infographics form, people absorb, understand, remember and share.

Interesting data into more interesting form

Quality content, even when itself is interesting to readers, the easier will reach out to them when it’s packed in a fun and creative way. Besides attracting attention, readers are [...]

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7. October, 2015

TOP 5 Best Powerpoint Infographics For Download

Powepoint presentation which is bombed with boring texts, inventive instructions, too lengthy research, analyzes too long… will look much better and clearer, and certainly more interesting if you use infographics. Powerpoint infographics through interesting design illustrates the words, numbers and any other information relevant to a topic.

People love to look at the photos and images because they are visual creatures, probably you already know that. Bloggers with HubSpot came across the fact that 40 percent of people more respond to visual content that is offered to them than the text. So, take a advantage of this fact. By using infographics in your Powerpoint [...]

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2. October, 2015

The Science Behind The Most Popular Infographics

People love to see images. People are visual creatures. And this is backed by research. Bloggers from HubSpot came across the fact that 40 percent of people more response to visual content that is offered to them than the text. And what’s the best visual content? Infographic. Statistics show that those who published infographic in his media recorded 12 percent more traffic than those who do not publish.

Each infographic has to look attractive and contain ‘pure’ design and readable typeface. Each reader must be able to analyze and understand the presented data. Infographics can be on any subject: time, marketing or the environment, and include graphs, [...]

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