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7. August, 2013

Best Free Infographics and Design Software for Mac

Best Free Infographics and design Software for Mac roundup and review.

Professional graphic design software and tools are expensive and not everyone can afford it. Especially if you are not graphic designer and you will use it only for a single project. If you haven’t decided yet which software to use on your Mac for your next Infographics project, we hope this top 3 list will help you.


Freely distributed software and one of the most popular of all free graphic design tools.Using GIMP you can perform same basic tasks as on Photoshop: image composition and creation,color correction, photo retouching and image size. If you need to perform more complicated tasks GIMP [...]

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2. July, 2013

Best Infographics Software to Create Motion and Static Infographics

Infographics software

Presenting your data visually is one of the most effective ways to explain complex information, numbers and concepts. Infographics can be a great way to explain your brand, products or services and create engaging site content. There many websites such as visual.ly or infogr.am, offering you free service to create your own simple infographics. These websites providing you free infographics software online, but unfortunately creation possibilities are limited. So what if you need to create powerful, unlimited visualizations or motion infographics? In that case you will need professional infographics software. Here is a Top 3 list of infographics software you can [...]

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