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20. May, 2015

How can your smartphone improve your health?

Smartphones have almost become an extension of our body. And while most people are still using them exclusively for calling and sending text messages, for others it is much more than just a phone. If you’re one of the proud owners of any smart phone, it would be a shame not to take advantage of as many of its capabilities. But to choose the best application among the hundreds of thousands is not an easy task, especially if you are just entering the world of smartphones. Except that we carry smart phones everywhere with us and feel totally lost without them, on the market you can find also smart apps that will monitor your state of health and physical condition.

With a [...]

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13. May, 2015

How to Make Animated GIF Infographic

Animated GIF inforgaphic usually serve to transfer some information. Their advantage is that they are a self-contained image files that’s easy to share. No need for embed code or Javascript for readers to share the animation on other sites or social media.

GIF is a bitmap image format. This essentially means that its format and the manner in which the image is displayed on the screen of our computer, tablet or mobile phone. GIF us is very likely most remained “engraved” in our memory as “format that supports animation”. GIF  supports (as the format) 8 bits per dot (pixel) which enables an image make reference to color palette of up to 256 different [...]

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23. April, 2015

Want to Learn Graphic Design?

You want to be a graphic designer, where to begin?

One of the most common questions every beginner asks is how to even start with graphic design and whether there is even possible to learn it independently. Formal education, of course is best in most cases, but sometimes conditions do not allow that kind of learning. In this article, we will write what is necessary to adopt and how to start with graphic design independently, and we believe that the information will be helpful to those who are preparing for studies in this area because a certain knowledge can create an excellent basis for formal education.

The basic theory of design

What is certainly needed is first to meet [...]

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17. April, 2015

Find your startup idea – infographic

When we talk about the importance of proper startup idea, the conclusion is that is a good idea necessary first step, but not the only thing that you need. Here are some ways to start your entrepreneurial creative heads together and to confirm that your idea is commercially applicable.

How to create a million dollars job – this weekend?

Tim Ferriss, mentor of Founder Institute, entrepreneur, investor, public speaker and author of The 4-Hour Work Week, simplifies the process of devising a winning startup idea as follows:

Conduct research on something for which people are willing to spend money. Determine whether there is a sufficiently large number of potential [...]
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