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2. June, 2015

Google helps us every day

Nowadays demand for things that interest us are becoming much easier. Whether you want to buy something, go somewhere, to find out something or do something. Studies have shown that people in many countries use more mobile devices than computers to get information. Today we bring you 4 moment that every marketer should recognize.

I-want-to-know moments

I am convinced that we all sometimes asked ourselves how high the Eifel Tower, which is the deepest sea, which is the largest country or something else.

What do people do when they ask such a question? The answer is very clear. They pull a mobile device and search for an answer with the help of Google. All information [...]

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1. June, 2015

Why is responsive web design important for business?

Google has launched a new way for recommended pages on smartphones, thus completely changing ability to visit websites, namely retailers, commercial sites, restaurants, a variety of companies. Google wants to provide their users to search for specific information through mobile devices on easier and faster way. This is one of the most significant changes that Google has ever made in the statistics of searches.

This means that those who have customized their sites for use on mobile devices (responsive) will benefit from this new algorithm, because Google will put them closer to the first position in search results. A new algorithm for mobile search will alter the page rank [...]

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27. May, 2015

Business infographic templates for download

Infographics are now one of the most interesting and most practical means of communicating and presenting your business and services. They are suitable for online media, but also for offline. They’re amazing because they are legible, clear and bring the reader information in a quick and transparent way. Also, content sharing is facilitated because the data are in one place, and are presented to the reader a fun and interesting way.

Why do you need infographic?  Infographics can (and surely will) increase traffic to your website, increase your popularity on social networks and will generate more leads for your business. Also infographic is a great way to explain your business [...]

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25. May, 2015

Top 10 Best Mobile Apps of The May

This month also, we made a selection of the 10 best applications for mobile devices that have attracted our attention recently, with an emphasis on those that can help you perform your work easier, faster and simpler. The Google Play app store and Apple app store were exploded in recent years, with a proliferation of apps that can cater to your every need.

New mobile apps appear every day, it’s hard to keep track of what’s out there. The huge quantity of apps doesn’t mean they’re all quality – far from it in fact. To make sure you never install a duff app here’s our selection of the best 10 mobile apps you should install right now:


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