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4. May, 2016

The Truthful Art – A Book Review

Alberto Cairo is a wonderful writer whose writing skills have always been superlative in almost every respect. With his book, The Functional Art, he very successfully laid the foundation of information graphics and visualization. Through his book, one became able to learn how to process all the information one is bombarded with in their daily. Exposure to more information than you know what to do with is also as much a problem as is lack of information and not being able to process all those words and digits is scary, to say the least. However, those who have read the first book can be confident in that they have a better understanding of the information that [...]

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17. March, 2016

Infographics: How To Make It Go Viral

As the amount of information that we consume through the Internet is growing and the level of attention decreases, due to a multitude of distractions that we receive on Facebook and email, market research company and other companies must pack new information on attractive ways in order to attract more attention. The one of solutions is making infographics. In some cases, infographics and become viral content. What do you need to do for your infographic to go viral and attract loads of new users for your site, service or app? Take a look at video infographic below:

Nowadays infographics are used in the media, scientific papers, articles, education, road signs, manuals [...]

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21. July, 2015

Tips for creating infographics in PowerPoint

Before we begin, you know what PowerPoint is, right? You probably do, but what you maybe don’t know is that PowerPoint is the best tool to use when creating infographics. Yes, you read it well. And best of all, infographics in PowerPoint can be created by “ordinary” people who don’t know almost anything about design. To make your presentation interesting you should design it on interesting way, and you will be able to do that by using infographics. Today we’ll provide you few tips for creating infographics in PowerPoint. But, it is not enough just to be a good presenter to make a good presentation and the cost of a bad presentation can be huge, according to our friends at [...]

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10. June, 2015

Top 10 infographics from the techinfographics.com

We decided to single out the top 10 most popular infographics from our portal that we designed for your inspiration and so that we can remember some of the best in order not to be forgotten 🙂 . Some of them have achieved great popularity, as selfiegraphic, which is on the 1st place and one of the first infographics designed by our portal. Thank you for following our portal! Below you can check our top 10:


“Selfiegraphic” from March 2014 shows us how popular selfies are around the world. Who is taking more selfies: man or woman? What are the selfie’s demographic range? And many other facts and [...]

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