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18. April, 2016

Mind Blowing Stats About Infographics And Visual Content

Infographics are super effective tools and people are looking for them like crazy. In the last 2 years, in terms of searches there was astounding 800% increase for them. So why are infographics important that much? There was an interesting study done by Wharton School of Business. Audience was shown 2 presentations, one of them had visual imagery and the other did not. 67% of audience was more affected by first presentation, compared to the other one which affected 50% of audience. People are 30 times more likely to read infographics then just article with lots of text. When people read something they only remember 20% of it, compared with 80% of what they do and see. Did you [...]

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4. March, 2016

Content Marketing And SEO Timeline Of Key Events

There’s always bit of a confusion when it comes to subject of SEO and content marketing. The questions are, how they fit together? Well, basically content marketing is all about SEO and vice versa. It’s not without reason that there’s lot of talking about SEO in world of content marketing. Picture SEO as ketchup and content marketing as sandwich. The truth is both of them are going together overlapping and blending. People are wondering why they need to include¬†SEO in their content marketing. But SEO is about lots of content. SEO touches and enhances everything. You can’t think doing great SEO without content, because it’s absolutely essential to [...]

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1. March, 2016

The Future Of Travel

When people imagine future of travelling, most of them jumps to thoughts about traveling in spaceships through universe having their holidays spent in a hotel on the moon with staff that’s hologram. But, is this really near future or still just a science fiction? The way people are getting innovative with travel is becoming bigger and bigger and whats most important, faster. Did you knew that in the last 100 years, incredible number of around 65 billion passengers has flown around the world. Each day, about 8 million people are traveling, so the thought of travelling being just an escape from everyday life is little out of date. Travelling is becoming more as a style of [...]

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29. February, 2016

10 Reasons To Start Video Blogging In 2016

It is estimated that more then one billion people visits YouTube each month, and more then 7 billion videos are watched on a daily basis. Along with Youtube, Facebook is also having a mark with online videos. In january 2016, they published that Facebook has generated almost 10 billion video views and it has around 100 million hours of various videos that are being watched daily. I don’t have to mention that there are other platforms too which are generating big video views like Vines on Twitter or Twitch channel with video games being watched live. If you are not creating any kind of video content you are loosing awesome opportunities, because video blogging is [...]

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