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1. December, 2014

How to use video in improving business?

One possibility that has been popular lately is video infographic…

While surfing the Internet, we find mostly text. Words, words. words … Some scholars say that it is in our brains embedded detector for movement and that while the eyes fly over the crowd texts looking for something interesting, always stop for a video or image, precisely because it is a visual content.

In the last few years is evident big popularity use infographics to explain the properties of a product or a service. No unnecessary reading monotonous text explanations, the lovable and playful way through the graphical elements, symbols, facts and data, infographics can clearly and effectively [...]

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11. January, 2014

Infographic Video Design – 10 Awesome Design Templates

Recently, we have published new article about infographic video design templates. We would recommend you to read it.

Infographic video currently is one of the most popular web marketing topics. Infographic design agencies number is growing like never before. We provide simple and cost-efficient solutions for anyone who is looking for infographic video for their business, website, service or products. Here is the list of awesome, trending and fresh design infographic video templates. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or you need help customizing these templates.

Funky Design Template – Motion Shapes Infographic

Enthusiastic design and very [...]

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17. December, 2013

Online Video Infographic 2013 – Numbers and Statistics

Online Video Infographic – Facts and Numbers

Couple months ago we have released infographic video answering simple question – why your business should use video or video infographic to promote products or services? If you have seen it, but until now you are not sure if video is essential tool to promote products and services, i would highly recommend to have a better look at this Online Video infographic. As infographic shows by 2016 , online video users number expected to be double – 1,5 billion…Infographic reveals that, online video drives up to 50% of mobile traffic to your online presence and showing no signs to slow down. 52% of consumers admitted, that [...]

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31. October, 2013

Music for Infographic Video and 50 Premium Infographic Soundtracks

Infographic Music and Soundtracks

Finding the right infographic music for video or motion infographics can be a tricky task. When I am creating infographics, I spend a lot of time to find a good tune or soundtrack, which would match infographic theme. Professional designers  has to be a bit more creative and use couple of soundtracks, voice overs, sound effects and other music tricks. It’s essential and usual part of infographic creation process.But what if you are beginner, looking for a good quality music or whole soundtrack for your next infographic project?

AudioJungle –  great directory for [...]

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