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16. April, 2015

Mlais M4 Note Review


If you like the Samsung Note 4, but do not want to spend that much money, then a new device from Mlais could be exactly what you want. That Mlais M4 Note is really good device, it’s features speak for themselves.

Device with 5.5 inch and screen resolution 1280x720px with IPS, sounds tempting. Mlais M4 Note comes preinstalled with Android 5.0 Lollipop, quad 54 bit processor of 1.5 GHz. What will surely be of interest is the camera, which obviously will not disappoint users with front 8MP and rear 13 MP camera, enough for all you need.

The battery is fast charging 2400mAh, and in addition there are also 2GB of RAM, and 16GB of internal memory [...]

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15. April, 2015

10 Online Security Facts which will suprise you – infographic

We can all agree that Internet is thing that greatly facilitates life. Saves us time while performing everyday tasks, and makes communication practically free. However, online security is still a problem. The vast opportunities offered to us equally extend to those who do not have quite as good intentions. To someone broke into the computer and pick up passwords must first get into your network. It is not too difficult if the attacker is persistent, and the network is protected by some weaker protocol or a simple password.

How to choose a password?

To improve online security, first thing to deal with is your own password. With a good password (at least a dozen characters with [...]

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25. March, 2015

How To Sell Your Startup To Facebook – infographic

Explore what Facebook need and run your startup. The new magic word of the 21st century is a startup. Everybody started to launch small business and hope to eventually grow into a serious and large enterprises. Being innovative has always been the key to success, and the chances are that soon we’ll live in “The Age of startups”. If you have a really creative and relevant idea, the chances that your startup buy giant like Facebook are real.

Startups are usually defined as companies and projects that are younger than one year, do not make money and have a few employees. There are disagreements over the definition of the term, but we can simplify the matter and [...]

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28. January, 2015

Infographic Template – Taking your Business to Sophisticated Level

Infographics are powerful marketing tools and are extremely valuable form of communication. This is mainly because 90% of the information that is transmitted to the human brain is visual, which is processed sixty thousand times faster than text. Inforgraphics provide the easiest and the most effective way to convey your message to your targeted audience. Therefore, it is important to use unique infographic template that will effectively communicate with your audience.

Today, visual contents are gaining much popularity across different business industries. Because people are naturally drawn to images, pictures, colors and other visuals, it is not surprising that infographics [...]

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