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12. August, 2014

Top 6 Free Infographic Software and Data Visualization Tools

Infographics and data visualization works so well because the human brain is extremely well-equipped to process visual information. We can capture patterns and essential themes in huge data sets very, very quickly through visual means. Unfortunately, infographic software and data visualization tools to create these visual representations are usually difficult and too expensive for smaller publishers, news organizations and everyday citizens to use, creating a gap for the future of community journalism and media marketing. Hopefully, this list of free infographic software and data visualization tools will help you to manage your data and build better visualizations.

1.Tableau [...]
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4. August, 2014

5 Free Infographic Tools You Didn’t know Existed

Create infographics from scratch might be not as easy as it looks. Next to great story, facts, data and statistics you need tools, which would allow you to build infographics. Professional design software such as Adobe Illustrator or Adobe After Effects is quite expensive and requires advanced skills to use it. Fortunately, there are many free infographic tools online, which would simplify creation process and allow you to build infographics quickly. Infographic design tools offers pre-made design variations, which you can edit by adding or removing infographic elements of your choice. Free online infographic tools such as Infogr.am, Easel.ly, Piktochart are widely known and has [...]

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