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17. December, 2016

Entrepreneurship and an Inspiration? Enough is Enough!

Entrepreneurship is an inspiration for me and while writing about this, think about one thing you are not alone in life full of troubles. This article will not be about online bargains or a free marketing bullshit. The purpose of this article is to let you know, that you are not alone as an entrepreneur seeking to break the ice around your life.

Entrepreneurship and an Inspiration? Enough is Enough, time to take your life in your control!

I want to find out about your story, frustration, pain and disappointment during those years of trying to break through. Share this story or get in touch with me and talk to me about your experience.


I have few [...]

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21. April, 2014

15 Beautifully Designed and Inspirational Infographics

Whether it’s the latest Apple product or the presentation of your food at a fancy restaurant, humans just seem to love things that are beautifully designed.And the same goes for infographics. If you’re not presenting your visitors with an attractive infographic design and packaging your products nicely, you’re definitely leaving money on the table. Graphic design is constantly evolving. With the likes of flat UI, deep field images and parallax at the height of their game, high quality infographic design exemplifies modern graphic design practice. No longer is it enough to just create an infographic, you need one that communicates your company’s goals in the most attractive [...]

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23. March, 2014

Inspirational Infographic – Lost in Life?

Lost in Life? is a perfect infographic for our “Daily infographics” category. Inspiring, simple and easy to understand short infographic about people who took indirect path to success.

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17. March, 2014

10 Sources of Infographic Design Inspiration

To design and create a successful infographic is not an easy task. Infographic designer needs to find a good balance between colors, fonts, layout, object sizes and other important elements. Surely, most important is infographic content and data accuracy , but this time we will talk more about infographic visual appearance rather than information quality. Previously we wrote an article “How to create video-motion infographics from scratch?”. I would recommend to read this blog post as we have covered in it some good sources for the beginners. Visual infographic appearance is really important. We have to remember that within first look at your infographic, consumers will [...]

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