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19. August, 2013

List of top 5 Keynote Infographic Templates

Keynote Infographic templates

In our previous post we have covered a list of top 5 infographic templates for powerpoint. For Apple device users we have collected list of top 5 Keynote infographic templates. Following templates are ready to use and within a few clicks of customization you will have your very own infographics!

SocialDecks Keynote Infographic Template

  “SocialDecks” is an infographic social media Keynote template, appropriate for a social media marketer, social media agency and researcher, or any type of business related on social networking, like web marketing, infographic social media survey, SEO services and others. The template includes 30 unique [...]

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16. August, 2013

5 Free Infographic Templates for Your Own Infographics

5 free infographic templates for your own infographics by hubspot.com Customize text, colors, shapes and appearance. Free for download and unlimited choice of customizations. Thanks to guys from Hubspot.com Download 5 free infographic templates. Customize and create static infographics for free. You can customize these templates using PowerPoint or Keynote. Once you will download linked file in .ppt format, simply open it in Powerpoint. If you are Mac user open with Keynote. It works fine with any version of Powerpoint or Keynote. Watch our tutorial on how to customize and create your own infographics. If you have any troubles please leave your comment! Click “Checkout” , [...]

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15. August, 2013

Bestseller Infographic Elements, Powerpoint and Keynote Templates

A list of best seller Infographic Elements Templates on Graphicriver.net Easy customizable and creative templates from talented designers will help you to create amazing infographics.

Infographic Elements + Template by CursiveQ

1989 sales so far! One of the most popular infographics element templates. All the Graphs, Charts, Lines, Shapes, Text you will need to put together your very own infographic. Author has even included an infographic template to get you started! All graphs were created using vector shapes, allowing you to change the color, angle, size, and more without losing quality or shape. Download it here

Infographic elements

Six [...]
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1. August, 2013

How to Create Infographic in Powerpoint ?

Create Infographic in Powerpoint

One of the most popular questions people asking is how to create infographic in Powerpoint ? Well if you are reading this article you have probably did some research and you couldn’t find answer as many others. Some people say it’s easy. Some people find it quite difficult.I believe it depends on your skills and creativity. Create infographic using Powerpoint it’s not that difficult as you might think. In order to create motion effect you need to create multiple slides for the same object. If you want to create good quality infographic in Powerpoint you need to have a plan, chose color theme, and carefully make connections between [...]

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