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12. December, 2014

The Latest Fresh New Infographic Elements

You have a problem with visualizing large amounts of data? A lot of people never heard for a term infographics, but what is interesting is that we are surrounded by infographics. We can find themalmost everywhere – traffic lights, extractor tram or bus and prognostic maps.

Information graphics known as infographics are graphic representations of information, data or knowledge meant for rapid and clear presentation of complex information. The process of creating infographics we call data visualization, information design and information architecture. Their purpose is to interested readers and that we in the clear, attractive and interesting way present the relevant, [...]

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20. November, 2014

Ecommerce infographic & web elements

Online shopping is becoming the preferred method of purchasing due to its easiness and comfort, not to mention the saving time. Online shops are in full swing and more and more entrepreneurs launch an online store. On the other hand, buyers are often bombarded with additional offers for which lose their patience and instead of depositing products in cart they leave such sites. Result: loss of business for online store and loss of regular customers, because they do not want to again go through such an experience. Such cases are extremely rare in the physical world, but in the digital world according to certain data this occurs in 45% of cases.

Online businesses should take care [...]

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4. November, 2014

Top 10 infographic elements bundles

Infographic is a visual representation of information, data or knowledge. Such graphics are used to all those annoying, less interesting information and numbers transferred to the reader / viewer in a visual interesting way.

These infographics are commonly displayed in signs, maps, journalism, technical writing, and education. They are also used as a tool for computer scientists, mathematicians and statisticians to help facilitate the development of certain information.

We are bombarded with boring texts unimaginative instructions, lengthy researches,  too long analyzes. In business for such problems most helpful is – Infographic. If you want to know more about [...]

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29. December, 2013

Infographic Design – vector infographic elements to design your own infographic

Infographic Design Elements Templates

This time we have collected some of the best infographic design element templates, which will help you to create and design your new infographic. Infographic elements allows you to design infographics quickly. These templates will save you a lot of time and will allow you concentrate more on your story , rather than on infographic design or other small infographic elements. Previously we have covered some of the best video infographic templates and flat design infographics. For more infographic elements and templates, please visit our marketplace and infographic shop.

“Flat Infographic template”

A set of flat minimal [...]

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