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30. May, 2017

3 Tips from a Graphic Designer for Anyone Wanting to Become One

The whole “hindsight is 20/20” rings true in just about every situation, especially when it comes to choosing a career path. Had I known then what I know now, it wouldn’t have impacted my decision to become a graphic designer, but it would have made the road to getting there a bit smoother. We can all say that in some respect, right? If you could give your younger self a few pointers or tips, it would likely help you avoid some costly and even painful missteps, right?

Well, I can’t necessarily deliver on a time machine at the moment, but what I can do is share a few tips with you (or anyone else wanting to become a designer) from someone who has been there and done that. So [...]

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21. April, 2014

15 Beautifully Designed and Inspirational Infographics

Whether it’s the latest Apple product or the presentation of your food at a fancy restaurant, humans just seem to love things that are beautifully designed.And the same goes for infographics. If you’re not presenting your visitors with an attractive infographic design and packaging your products nicely, you’re definitely leaving money on the table. Graphic design is constantly evolving. With the likes of flat UI, deep field images and parallax at the height of their game, high quality infographic design exemplifies modern graphic design practice. No longer is it enough to just create an infographic, you need one that communicates your company’s goals in the most attractive [...]

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9. April, 2014

Popularity of Infographic Design : Yahoo Acquires Vizify – Visually Raises $8.1M

Since Marissa Mayer became CEO of Yahoo, the Group’s strategy is characterized by a strong dynamic external growth, primarily driven by startups.March of 2014 started with a new acquisition, the seventh since the start of the year. After Aviate (host “smart” screen), Sparq ( mobile marketing ) , Cloud Party ( online games) , Incredible Labs ( PDA ) , Wander (photo diary “social” ) and Distil ( aid recruitment video ), Yahoo sets its sights on Vizify – online startup , which turns your social media data into interactive infographics, videos, and more. Before Yahoo acquired Vizify, interactive infographics and videos startup was developed by young [...]

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13. October, 2013

Flat Infographic – Facts About Flat Design

Facts About Flat Design

I posted an article some time ago about flat design and infographics with freebie infographic elements template included. Flat design currently is one of the biggest design trends on the web. There are many articles covering this topic. Some people saying it will stick around for a long time, others arguing that it will not last. Flat design is really trending within web developers community,but I was not able to find many flat design infographics. I think it will take more time, but I am sure sooner or later we will see flat design elements everywhere around us.

Flat Design is Here to Stay

Recently i came across article by Sabina Idler “Flat Web [...]

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