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20. March, 2015

Top 10 mobile apps of the month March – infographic

The number of applications available on Google Play last year surpassed the number of applications available on the Apple App Store. Google Play is at the end of 2014 numbered 1.43 million applications, while the number of applications on the App Store “stuck” at 1.21 million. Third place on the list of the most popular mobile applications stores expected went to the Amazon App Store, which has a population of 293 000 applications, although it experienced a jump of 90% in the fourth quarter of 2014. Windows Store was not included in the report.

A large increase in the number of experienced development teams reported on Google Play, and the same is the third [...]

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14. August, 2014

Stunning Infographic Backgrounds & Patterns for Data Visualization

We have compiled together this awesome collection of beautiful patterns you could use for your infographic backgrounds, data visualization projects or even in your design work. Previously this year we have published design trend analysis infographic by Shutterstock. Infographic shows that geometric colorful backgrounds & patterns, depth of field, simplicity, vibrant colors and transparency are some of the biggest design trends this year.

Expect to see more simplistic, clean patterns with bright pops of color

-Shutterstock contributor Maaike Boot

That said, infographic design & data visualization is also influenced by global design trends. [...]

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14. June, 2014

Infographic Design Tips: Topic Ideas, Fonts, Colors and More

Making an infographic from scratch

To create a good infographic is not an easy task. Infographic creation process requires creative ideas, data visualization skills, good brainstorming, data analysis, clear and understandable  visual layout, impartial color theme, graphical elements, fonts, data visualization tools, statistical numbers  and many other things. Most important out of all previous mentioned factors –  a good and creative idea.

Ideas for Creating an Infographic

Idea is the concrete of your Infographic. Unique and creative infographic idea might lead to a huge success. This rule applies not only for a visual infographic appearance, but most importantly for [...]

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4. June, 2014

Tech Cold War Infographic : Facebook vs Google

Technology Cold War Infographic

Google and Facebook are at technology cold war, spending billions on new companies acquisitions, computer science specialists and new applications development. It’s a fact, that these tech world companies are battling for control of the social networks,applications,advertising and in general – internet. The new XXI century cold war isn’t about communism,capitalism,tanks missiles or army — it’s about tech world domination, consumers online behavior control, leadership in advertising and online services. Technology infographic named “Tech Cold War” shows us how Facebook and Google are competing against each other, and which [...]

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