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5. July, 2016

Good Charts – A Book Review

Good Charts: The HBR Guide to Making Smarter, More Persuasive Data Visualizations

You have to admit it – charts and graphical representations have changed. Simple lines, bars and pie charts are so old-school that soon will be coming back as a retro fashion. That’s why you should check out Good Charts book that will give you the latest and best advice about creating and using intelligent, persuasive and responsive data.

The author Scott Berinato, carefully and patiently guides the reader through the entire subject without being patronizing or assuming everybody is a data nerd – a good balance is reached and the readers can feel inspired and empowered [...]

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4. May, 2016

The Truthful Art – A Book Review

Alberto Cairo is a wonderful writer whose writing skills have always been superlative in almost every respect. With his book, The Functional Art, he very successfully laid the foundation of information graphics and visualization. Through his book, one became able to learn how to process all the information one is bombarded with in their daily. Exposure to more information than you know what to do with is also as much a problem as is lack of information and not being able to process all those words and digits is scary, to say the least. However, those who have read the first book can be confident in that they have a better understanding of the information that [...]

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