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7. March, 2016

30 Years of Internet

Hello internet and welcome to our world. Can you imagine how internet appeared? And how it actually looked in the last 30 years? In this article you can find the history of internet from 1984 up to today and the future.

Zlatko Pažin
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4. March, 2016

Top 6 Most Powerful Latest SEO Strategies 2016 With Tips and Tools

SEO is dead, SEO is a Sisyphean task, SEO becomes less important, are just some of the phrases that can be heard the last few years. On the contrary, it is clear that SEO has never been more alive and in 2016 it will continue to grow. There will be a number of changes and trends that every serious SEO expert should pay attention to and upgrade their SEO strategy.

Terms of SEO is changing every day which makes SEO industry very dynamic. Google, the most popular search engine, changing their algorithms almost every day and when you make a big change, then it causes a big change in the search results as well as changes in the conduct of SEO strategies.

Mobile Display has [...]

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16. February, 2016

Typography Trends 2016

Almost 95% of each web page takes text content and typography is the art of displaying the content. Although typography is closely associated with web design, its primary purpose is not only to make page more beautiful. The main task of typography is legibility. Sometimes it seems that even professional web designers forget that the textual content is something what brings visitors to the website and what keeps them on the website, and text content must be easily visible and clearly legible.

A wide range of fonts and styles allow designers to have more choices when designing a website. Typography has always been an important part of web design, but with the integration [...]

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