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16. August, 2017

Crazy Socks Colors Worn by People Indicate That They Are Brilliant, Creative and Successful

Crazy socks colors are necessity for people with creative minds, individual and independent personality. We usually dress up by following certain written and unwritten standards. By simply dressing up and wearing the regular grey or black type of socks, we accept the fact that we want to be accepted by the society and often fear to express our personality.

However, fearing to wear the whacky and crazy socks can actually put you in the situation, where you are seen as a regular individual with simple social status and you might not be such a person. How many times have you stopped thinking, no I cannot wear that?


Crazy Socks Colours are the Chance to [...]
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16. December, 2015

How To Build Relationships With Influencer Marketing

Marketing has always remained marketing. But its tools (instruments) has changed over time. And also adapt to changes. Including the promotion as a marketing instrument that is constantly adapt to market changes. And consumers themselves are changing. Coming of a new generation. Their habits, needs and requirements are not the same. New era is comming. People have “got sick” of TV commercials, banners and other advertising channels. Some new kids today are increasingly using social networks and YouTube for the content, and completely bypass the television and the newspapers and do not read. So it is very important to brands notice some new ways to promote their products [...]

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