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16. May, 2016

Guide To Infographics

Infographics are today one of the most interesting and the most practical means of communicating and presenting content in content marketing. They are suitable for online media, but also for offline. They’re amazing because they are legible, clear and returns information in a quick and transparent way. Also, content sharing is facilitated because the data are stored in one place, and are presented to the reader a fun and interesting way.

What are actually infographics?

This is a graphical representation of information, as you would have indicated from the very name. A dull data to represent the eye-pleasing way, visualized various figures, pictograms and drawings, making [...]

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20. May, 2014

How to make an infographic ? [infographic]

“How to make an infographic?” – most popular question asked by beginners. Even thought we wrote in-depth article about how to create infographics from scratch, today we will take opportunity and share great infographic by InfographicLabs. This simple yet informative infographic explains what is an infographic and how to make one.Graphic visualization explains basic principles of infographic design.No matter which software you will use – Microsoft PowerPoint, Keynote, Adobe After Effects or Illustrator, basic infographic structure and elements are similar to the ones mentioned in this infographic. Scroll down and check it [...]

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