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14. June, 2014

Infographic Design Tips: Topic Ideas, Fonts, Colors and More

Making an infographic from scratch

To create a good infographic is not an easy task. Infographic creation process requires creative ideas, data visualization skills, good brainstorming, data analysis, clear and understandable  visual layout, impartial color theme, graphical elements, fonts, data visualization tools, statistical numbers  and many other things. Most important out of all previous mentioned factors –  a good and creative idea.

Ideas for Creating an Infographic

Idea is the concrete of your Infographic. Unique and creative infographic idea might lead to a huge success. This rule applies not only for a visual infographic appearance, but most importantly for [...]

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20. May, 2014

How to make an infographic ? [infographic]

“How to make an infographic?” – most popular question asked by beginners. Even thought we wrote in-depth article about how to create infographics from scratch, today we will take opportunity and share great infographic by InfographicLabs. This simple yet informative infographic explains what is an infographic and how to make one.Graphic visualization explains basic principles of infographic design.No matter which software you will use – Microsoft PowerPoint, Keynote, Adobe After Effects or Illustrator, basic infographic structure and elements are similar to the ones mentioned in this infographic. Scroll down and check it [...]

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21. April, 2014

Adobe AE Infographic Tutorial – How to create Pie Charts and Circles

Pie Charts and circles are one of the essential elements creating infographics in Adobe After Effects. They are really useful to show percentages, volumes, number of units and so fort. Pie Charts are a really good way to show relative sizes: it is easy to see which objects are most liked, and which are least liked, at a glance.No need of explanation.Numerical proportions speaks for them self. Viewers instantly understand proportions and it helps them to absorb information quicker and more efficiently. Similar to Pie Charts, circles are also one of the most common and necessary elements used in infographics. Circle might be perfect solution connecting infographic scenes in Adobe AE. [...]

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17. March, 2014

10 Sources of Infographic Design Inspiration

To design and create a successful infographic is not an easy task. Infographic designer needs to find a good balance between colors, fonts, layout, object sizes and other important elements. Surely, most important is infographic content and data accuracy , but this time we will talk more about infographic visual appearance rather than information quality. Previously we wrote an article “How to create video-motion infographics from scratch?”. I would recommend to read this blog post as we have covered in it some good sources for the beginners. Visual infographic appearance is really important. We have to remember that within first look at your infographic, consumers will [...]

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