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27. May, 2015

Business infographic templates for download

Infographics are now one of the most interesting and most practical means of communicating and presenting your business and services. They are suitable for online media, but also for offline. They’re amazing because they are legible, clear and bring the reader information in a quick and transparent way. Also, content sharing is facilitated because the data are in one place, and are presented to the reader a fun and interesting way.

Why do you need infographic?  Infographics can (and surely will) increase traffic to your website, increase your popularity on social networks and will generate more leads for your business. Also infographic is a great way to explain your business [...]

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7. May, 2015

Infographic Book – All you need to know about infographics is right here

We all are familiar with the term infographics and we all notice infographics daily – from daily newspapers to online sites. Infographics give their producers a chance to reinforce their brand, market themselves to a new audience, self-promote, push more search traffic their way, build more links that lead back to their site and increase overall search rankings. It’s not rocket science how infographics have become such a hot commodity in the online world. Today we will write about infographics books.

Cool Infographics: Effective Communication with Data Visualization and Design by Randy Krum

Randy Krum is the founder and president of data visualization and [...]

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23. April, 2015

Want to Learn Graphic Design?

You want to be a graphic designer, where to begin?

One of the most common questions every beginner asks is how to even start with graphic design and whether there is even possible to learn it independently. Formal education, of course is best in most cases, but sometimes conditions do not allow that kind of learning. In this article, we will write what is necessary to adopt and how to start with graphic design independently, and we believe that the information will be helpful to those who are preparing for studies in this area because a certain knowledge can create an excellent basis for formal education.

The basic theory of design

What is certainly needed is first to meet [...]

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16. April, 2015

10 Tips for Making a Good Infographic

Infographics are an important format to communicate more or less complex information such as, for example, data obtained during research or various tips. They are extremely popular with users since it consists only of the most relevant messages that are specific and simple and visually appealing. Through them the key information is easy to find and quicker to remember which multiplies their potential to spread among the desired audience.

Today infographics are used in the media, scientific papers, articles, education, traffic signs, manuals and charts. Computer scientists, mathematicians and scientists use infographics to develop symbols with which they can [...]

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