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27. June, 2016

Are Mobile Devices Destroying Your Body?

It’s true that mobile devices are making our lives easier but, people never stop to think that using them too much can come with a high price. There’s a big chance that most phone users are watching at phone screen more than 3 hours a day, which is bad for eyes and neck too, because you are not flexing it as much as you normally should. Of course it’s not a question that mobile technology has many positive uses but I think you sometimes felt repulsion from your smartphone. Probably your healthy eyes were struck by hypnotic and fluorescent glare. The truth is, mobile phones are damaging your health more than you think. Many people have ritual that when they [...]

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23. June, 2016

The Screen Generation-Are We All Going Blind?

There’s a high chance you’re looking at your computer screen entire day, and if you have burning feeling inside your eyes you could be on way to damage your eye vision. Ask yourself when was the last time you spend a day or few days without looking at the screen of phone, computer, laptop or tablet? You are probably staring at 1 or 2 screens even now while reading this text, going from one to another without looking away from them. If you think that is not big issue, think again as with any type of technology that features screen could damage your eye vision. The study had showed that between year 2010 and 2014, the average time users are spending with smartphone [...]

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16. June, 2016

Top 5 eHealth Trends

Digital format is changing our world, and when it comes to industry of medicine, there’s no difference too. Imagine that in near future you can get textual alerts in real time when you have high blood pressure or request new medicine straight from your smartwatch. When it comes to the use of technology in health field, 76% patients said they are already using various gadgets and devices that are helping them improve and monitor their health, so the expectations for the market of medical devices are pretty high. The revolution of digital is not about making machines to replace people but helping professional doctors to be more effective, increasing their chances when [...]

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25. April, 2016

The Hazards Of Being A Desk Jockey

You maybe have an opinion that working on PC at office is much safer then being on construction area. But in reality it’s other way around if you just stick to some of the safety measures to prevent accidents that could happen. I can’t say this about being desk jockey as people on construction site are always extra cautious because of constant danger and environment in which they work. What I want to say is that working as desk jockey is more bad for your body and health. By nature, people are not designed to sit all day, your body is going through hell if you do this and I will explain why. When you sit all day you probably eat food with having too little [...]

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