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21. January, 2016

Why is it important to have a blog in 2016?

A blog is actually online marketing tool, a very powerful presentation and promotion of products and services. One of the very well-accepted marketing tool because of its efficiency and low cost. How is a business blog effective communication tool tells us the number of visits of known business blogs which daily attract over 10,000 visitors.

Blogging is an ideal way with minimal investment to attract more clients for your services or products. Users are encouraged to think about the values ​​that your company has, you give them expert advice and inspire them with incentive ideas. There is no better and more creative way to position yourself in the online world and stand out as [...]

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19. January, 2016

Does Virtual Reality Have Potential With Youth

But first, what is virtual reality ?

You will most likely never go to Mars, run 100 meters on Olympic or swim in the ocean with dolphins  or sing in front of an audience with the Elvis Presley. With virtual reality, you may have the capacity to do every one of these things—and some more—without leaving your home.  In school we all learned that we have five senses:  vision, hearing, taste, smell, touch. These are however just our most clear sense organs. Actually people have numerous larger number of senses than this.  Everything that we think about our world stops by method for our senses.

It makes sense when you are giving your senses made-up data, your [...]

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19. January, 2016

YouTubers who have earned the most in 2015

The digital age has led to the emergence of digital stars. Of course in the beginning no one could even dreamed that through this site can earn a lot of money, and only from making video. Couple Youtubers managed to put incredible records and their channels have over 10 million followers. This job is often called dream job, because you simply making clips while having fun and taking money. Youtubers still say that this is a business like any other, there is a lot of sacrifice and it takes a lot of time to make clips of better quality. It is true that the work is fun, but that it’s easy – not true. There is more and more people who make videos and this business is slowly [...]

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15. January, 2016

Travel Gadgets You Must Have

Technology is developing rapidly and there currently there are lots of gadgets that can make your life easier but maybe you didn’t hear about them yet. One of the areas where gadgets can be extremely helpful is travelling. You can take lots of gadgets with you when you go on some trip but here are some gadgets that really shouldn’t be forgotten.

Plan V Smartphone Charger

Every time you leave your home you are probably bringing a smartphone with you. But what to do when the battery runs out? You can’t carry traditional charger everywhere you go. And that’s exactly why you should buy and always carry Plan V smartphone charger. It is easy to use. Simply connect the [...]

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