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11. June, 2017

5 Actions To Improve Your Daily Computer Activity

Nowadays the computer activity involves privacy and computer security issues and it is very important. However, not many companies or individuals are taking this matter seriously.The latest neglecting evidence is the hack that tripled the IT systems across the UK.

In reality the individuals and organisations who still dare to run outdated Windows version is at their own risk. Microsoft stopped their extended support on April 8th 2014. Windows 7 took over the market share along with the new Windows 10 the only version suitable for mobile devices.

Follow these 5 simple golden nuggets of security advises to minimize the risk of being hacked or expose vulnerable [...]

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16. October, 2014

How to become a hacker? [Infographic]

Being a hacker is really fun, but it’s kind of fun that requires a lot of knowledge, skills and learning.

But if you want to be a good hacker first keep in mind that you have a life outside the virtual world. Be accepted by the society, moving away from everything that you might work and think like a hacker does not help much to circulate myths. Although the word hacker is usually tied negativity and malice, it’s not completely true. A hacker can be someone with an advanced understanding of computers and programming that works on finding vulnerabilities and protection. Hacker job as computer programmers or IT security analysts it is very wanted.

To be a [...]

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