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25. March, 2017

Your One-stop Guide to Buying Budget Tablet PCs Under $100

We all get it, with the current economy we are all living on a tight budget. But you have to get that new tablet, maybe for that new job, or that new project. Who said you must break the bank to get it? It’s not a walk in the park trying to find that high quality product at a low price in the market today, so you must be smart about things. As you browse through this page you will come across some of the few value packed tablets that we managed to pick out for you, and guess what, you won’t have to spend over your 100$ budget, how cool is that!

But before all that we will take a brief tour on some of the operating systems that you should expect to come along with your [...]

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29. March, 2016

Guide To The Best Portfolio Sites For Self-Promoting Online

If you are designer, having portfolio is absolutely required and one of the key components if you want to attract any new clients. There is simply no better solution or place where you can show all your past work, skills and techniques that you can use for potential customers. When you do it, it needs to be clean, professional and simple, and all that wrapped in the best possible design. Internet is already full of creative and stunningly looking designed portfolios. In order to stand out from the rest of competition online, you have to make an impressive one. But remember, you have to blow away clients with the way you present something, not just examples from your work. [...]

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23. January, 2016

Beginner’s Guide for Building a PC

If you want the most upgradable, personal, strongest PC, the only one way is to build it by yourself. With the constant dropping of the price, now its the right time to have one.

I have built PC for myself few times, and I have to say I got lot of satisfaction from it. Good thing about building a PC is that you can save money. When I was still in school all the friends from my class were always asking me to find the right components and build pc for them, I really enjoyed that.

If you go to store and buy finished build, you get good quality but sometimes for the same price you can custom build yours and its going to be a lot better and more powerful then one from the [...]

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26. December, 2015

A guide to corporate holiday cards

If you work at some company then there is a large chance that you get your holiday card every year. Why do companies send that cards to their employees? What it brings them? And what to do when sending one yourself? In this article you will find out everything.

Lots of people are wondering about corporate holiday cards and don’t know if that is a good idea. The answer is simple, it is a great idea. You can’t go wrong with these ones. Even if you don’t create a good holiday card it should still turn out good because employees, partners and customers will know that you care.

What you get with corporate holiday cards?

Like I said above, it is really hard to go [...]

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