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17. March, 2016

Infographics: How To Make It Go Viral

As the amount of information that we consume through the Internet is growing and the level of attention decreases, due to a multitude of distractions that we receive on Facebook and email, market research company and other companies must pack new information on attractive ways in order to attract more attention. The one of solutions is making infographics. In some cases, infographics and become viral content. What do you need to do for your infographic to go viral and attract loads of new users for your site, service or app? Take a look at video infographic below:

Nowadays infographics are used in the media, scientific papers, articles, education, road signs, manuals [...]

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26. February, 2016

Old vs New Graphic Design

Graphic design is art that exists for a long time already. But how can we exactly explain graphic design? Who can work with graphic design and which jobs can that person do? And how did graphic design change over years? To find out all of that I suggest you keep reading.

Just like I said in the beginning, graphic design is art. It is a way of achieving some goals with creativity and with the help of images, symbols or words. Graphic design is based on different combinations of various elements that include:

Type Texture Color Shapes Lines

Type. Type is responsible for creating a powerful message from simple text. That power can be added with different creative fonts [...]

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1. February, 2016

Valentine’s Day Graphics for Download

February, the month in sign of love. Valentine’s Day is coming, as usual it comes to choose a gift for your other half, many of us are faced with a lack of ideas, sometimes nothing is enough worthy for our love. We are here to help you show your love on cute and original way. 🙂

Like the previous year, we have found for you several posters for social media timelines dedicated to the Valentine’s Day, also we have selected excellent, icons, infografics, cards and various other graphics for personal use or for your business.

Below are creative Valentine’s day graphics for 2016:

Valentine’s Day Facebook Cover Theme

Valentine’s Day Facebook Cover -3 [...]

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17. November, 2015

Best Graphics for Holidays 2015

Since we are closer to the holidays, this article is dedicated to those magical moments. We have prepared the best graphics for holidays 2015 intended for all occasions. Here you can find graphics such as banners, backgrounds, flyers, facebook covers, invitations, infographic elements, cards and more. Have you considered that this Christmas you create infographic Christmas cards? Check it out, you will be delighted 🙂

Holidays 2015 Party Flyer Template

Preview and download here.


* The headline “Merry Christmas” is not editable. All object are resizable, with no quality loss, removable [...]

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