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9. June, 2016

Amazing Photoshop Actions For Download

If you already know Photoshop well enough, you like it and you are satisfied with what you are able to do in it. You know a lot of things, how to change size of the image, how to sharpen and lighten, crop desired section and save the file in a safe format for the website. You’ve already figured out how it’s not a problem to do it for a single image, but when it comes to a folder with hundreds of files – it’s a problem. There are too many moves that are repeated, the question is how to shorten it? It would be desirable to record them and to repeat automatically. Photoshop is great and it has a tool called Actions. It allows us to record any action, or more of [...]

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17. March, 2016

How To Design A Brand Identity

The first seven seconds is enough to get the impression of a certain person, on the basis of their external characteristics. Therefore, the detection and definition of our competitive advantages is a very important component in our daily interactions with others. In order to discover them, we must ask ourselves the following questions: what makes me better, special and more original than the other? In the infographic below you can find out how to design a good brand identity: 

The brand identity, for the customers, is the visual recognition of company or product. A good brand identity is a basic starting point for good marketing. Visual identity, if properly designed [...]

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26. February, 2016

Old vs New Graphic Design

Graphic design is art that exists for a long time already. But how can we exactly explain graphic design? Who can work with graphic design and which jobs can that person do? And how did graphic design change over years? To find out all of that I suggest you keep reading.

Just like I said in the beginning, graphic design is art. It is a way of achieving some goals with creativity and with the help of images, symbols or words. Graphic design is based on different combinations of various elements that include:

Type Texture Color Shapes Lines

Type. Type is responsible for creating a powerful message from simple text. That power can be added with different creative fonts [...]

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7. October, 2014

Most popular flat graphics

But first a few words about flat design: Is it a ‘flat’ design a fad or something more?

Each person involved in the latest web design, certainly noticed the current trend of making modern websites. It’s about growing minimalist ‘flat design’ trend.

We are all aware of the nature of trends in each, including web design industry. Trends are when design techniques are concerned, very fast transient. But what if a minimalist flat design is not just a design fad, but actually return of a cleaner, simpler aesthetic solutions in evoulving minimalist approach to web design? Back in the era before the design tendencies toward depth and embellishments that [...]

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