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18. April, 2016

The Science Behind Search

Google, Safari, Bing or any other search engine are serving us today as a way of portal where we can request all kinds of piece of information in the world for just a quick moment. It’s been proven that all the information in textual form that you can search through engines is around 40 times bigger than digital content of entire book collection in world’s largest library, the Library of Congress. So you can imagine what kind of a challenge is to provide access to people to such enormous volume of content. But the truth is that many people today have no idea how these important technology pieces actually work, and especially businessmen because if they want to [...]

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13. April, 2016

The Beginner’s Guide to Google Ad Grants

Google Ad Grants is a non-profit edition of AdWords, Google’s online advertising tool. Google Grants provides assistance to non-profit organizations through AdWords ™ advertising in the amount of $ 10,000 per month to promote their tasks and initiatives on Google search results pages. Ad Grants provides free advertising to selected charities on Google AdWords and on this way organizations can convey messages related to public services to a global audience and make more impact on the world.

How Ad Grants works?

Participants in the program are creating and managing their AdWords account in the same way as traditional advertisers, but under the following [...]

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8. April, 2016

Google SEO Ranking Factors For 2016

The algorithms of Google had gone through many changes since debut of engine back in 1998. But still, main factors that made Google large, are still the same as they were then. Original content, links and meta page titles.

Google algorithms are, you could say revolutionary in the world of search engines. The only way you could get to the top of search results of Google is having website that earned credibility in the eyes of other people and that was the real genius of Google. Even though links still remain as most important factor for raking in 2016, there are many factors that make slice of algorithm. I would like to break down most of the important ones, that you [...]

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29. February, 2016

AdSense: How it Works?

People tend to ask a question how can they earn money online. Well, one of good methods of earning some cash and maybe make a living out of it is Google Adsense. But be aware, this method is not a scheme where you earn money quickly. It can take really long time to earn anything from it but if you do it for the long period of time it will pay off.

So what really is AdSense?

It’s a program that allows people who own website or blog to earn money by putting Google ads on their page. Google is of course earning bigger cut and you are left with small percent but still you can generate good bucks. You can earn with AdSense in 2 different methods. Earning with clicks [...]

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