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21. August, 2016

How does the Social Media affect our SEO ranking?

There has been various speculation among  all SEO consultants and strategist about whether social media and SEO have been working as a couple to affect any search rank. So as to increase the online presence of a particular website. From the current happenings in the SEO world. The rumors can be confirmed as true and valid.

SEO and Social media marketing strategies are closely intertwined since they both focus on creating a favorable appeal that naturally and continuously attract visitors.  When high-quality content that is visible is posted on social media sites. All SEO efforts you make create a strong brand presence out of social media reach. Therefore, online marketers [...]

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5. July, 2016

The Crazy Things People Search For On Google

There’s no question that Google search engine is powerful and its suggestions can be very useful, but since millions around the world are using it, if you actually pay closer attention when you write, you will see some weirdest, funniest, craziest or dumbest suggestions. People search all kinds of information and you can really discover true gems. Maybe even you searched something strange on Google and asked yourself what are crazy things that people are searching. Many people go straight to Google without even bothering to ask a real person. Google knows it all from technical to generic questions, such as: “How to fix a toaster?”, or “What is the [...]

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3. May, 2016

7 Chromebook Myths Debunked – Separating Fact From Fiction

The introduction of Chromebook became a highly debated topic in the technical sphere since it was the first ever computer system which depended totally on cloud computing. No hefty secondary hard disk drives to hold data, just pure cloud. The most debated technological innovation almost always leads to a string of rumors and myths and this post is dedicated to debunking the 7 most common ones.

Chromebooks require an internet connection to be productiveThis is definitely not true! Even though Chromebooks are mostly designed to work with an internet connection, they support applications which work offline. You can work on documents, listen to music, and even read your [...]
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29. April, 2016

Google Chrome in Numbers

Chrome browser has dawned in the 50th anniversary edition. Google published a bunch of interesting statistics in a visual presentation that relate to their simple web browser minimalist design with sophisticated technology.

Each of us, on one way or another, at some point used this browser. The first beta version of the application was issued on 2 September 2008. The name comes from the name of the frame of graphical user interface (ie, chrome) present for the web browser.

In September 2008, Google has made available the complete source code of the application under the name Chromium. Part of the code developed by Google is available under the BSD license, which means [...]

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