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18. January, 2017

Google home in the game of home technology with Google home device against Alexa

Google home has arrived, now imagine yourself living alone, waking up in the morning. Your closets picks up what you should wear and your bathroom prepares you a shower. Then you go to your kitchen and your breakfast is ready. Your car is ready and you tell it where to drive you. And of course, your car decides the safest and the fastest route to your destination. When you go out, your house turns on all the security devices and waits for your return. Sounds like a distant future? Well, Google and Amazon started that future a while ago, and it seems pretty close. The future is called smart home technology.

Google home and what do we get from it?

We all love to make our lives [...]

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17. December, 2014

Google Search Engine – Search tips [infographic]

Google as the most-used Internet search engine is part of our daily activities of searching for information published on websites or multimedia. With the help of little tricks search can be much more effective.

Believe it or not but today there are still a lot of people formulate queries to Google so that in the input field enter full sentences or phrases. Of course it so difficult to find the desired information and the efficiency of their time is reduced to a minimum. Plus you lose time. On the web you can find a series of tips on how to narrow your search results from the Google or any third party. If you do not want to search on google for all those little tiny tricks that [...]

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