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2. February, 2016

How to Write a Good Business Proposal + Top 5 Best Templates

Business proposal is a main mode of communication for every entrepreneur, no matter how big or small his company is. In most cases, the business proposal is the first contact of a potential client with you and your services or products. Some entrepreneurs spend hours writing and perfecting its proposals and again they don’t get a job. Other write it in just a few minutes and easily win the client. How do they do it? Simply, they have recognized what distinguishes good and bad proposal.

What makes a good business proposal?

First of all we should define what is business proposal. It is a written document that provides specific products or services to potential customers or [...]

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5. October, 2015

What A Good Social Relationship Management Platform Can Do For Your Brand

With the explosive growth in the popularity and use of social networks in recent years, you will  hardly find the marketing experts who will not recommend the use of this successful strategy.

Indeed, 92% marketing experts claims that in 2014, marketing through social networks was of great importance for their business, while 80% of them admitted that this was the reason for the growth of traffic to their website. (Source: Hubspot)

Social networks are not just a tool to attract new customers, but also techniques of a successful connection to the target audience, strengthen the brand and market presence and ultimately, the growth of the overall [...]

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24. June, 2015

Why is a good design of newsletter so important?

Newsletter (or mailing list) is a simple publication sent via e-mail. Newsletters contain some useful content like information, some educational text or different promotions and sales. They are very effective marketing tool which is largely used by an organization with a goal to maintain their communication with existing customers and to attract some new clients. But, it’s not all about content, something is in a good design of newsletter too. If you regularly send newsletters you can improve your sales and strengthen your market name. With each newsletter you send, your relationship with clients will be better and the chance that clients will buy your product will become [...]

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8. April, 2015

The Importance of Good Photography on Web Sites

Photography on web sites is extremely important in improving sales through the website and therefore it is important to choose it wisely. According to usability tests, images attract much attention. Therefore, if you are using the right images, it will increase the conversion on the site and better connect you to your target group.

People on the web are not like robots without emotion, on the web you need to communicate with people on an emotional way and show your authentic face. Today, users on the Internet want to feel the true face of the people behind these websites. Photos should clearly communicate your product or service and communicate the value that the customer can [...]

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