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20. June, 2016

How Big Is Call Of Duty

Call of Duty is perhaps one of the biggest gaming franchises ever. CoD is a first person shooter created by game studio called Infinity Ward, even though some of the titles were created by other developers too. Call of Duty franchise is known for receiving criticism from consumers and press because they are releasing new games every year. This has led players to believe CoD is becoming more stale. But, regardless of those opinions every game that goes out is still breaking various gaming records as well as attracting millions of gamers around the world. First Call of Duty game was released back in 2003 and immediately won more then 80 awards for being the game of the year. [...]

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16. June, 2016

How Angry Birds Franchise Was Born

There’s no chance you never heard of Angry Birds game for mobile platform. Do you ever wonder what is the story behind this gaming phenomenon? Millions are playing this game every day and the question still remains, can this game become more bigger than legendary Mickey Mouse? Let’s go more into details of how Angry Birds franchise was born. It was app launched by Rovio Entertainment in 2009 for future tablets and Apple smartphones only. Basically what you’re doing in a game is catapulting different birds into funny pigs. The game concept and characters looks were created by Markus Tupperainen, Petter Urbanics and Jaakko Lisalo. Angry birds gained such a big and [...]

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16. June, 2016

Does E3 Matter?

E3 is a biggest event of gaming industry. It’s a time in a year where all the games of future are revealed to the world. You know that every entertainment platform has its own main event just like Oscars or Academy Awards. This is a time when all the eyes of gamers and people who are playing games are focused on gaming industry, paying all their attention to it. It’s the season of E3, live streams and social media which are keeping up with huge announcements both from small or large gaming studios and companies that are showing off their latest games and getting the world excited for gaming future. But, E3 was not always this mayor gaming event, like everything [...]

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10. June, 2016

PES 2017 – Control Reality

PES 2017 is trying to become probably the best and most realistic soccer game ever made. This time, game producers are totally focused on offering the greatest feel of realism on the pitch. Every change you are going to see, is getting one step closer to the real match you are watching on your TV. I’m not going to lie, I love PES franchise and I’ve been playing it for years. I don’t like FIFA as I think it’s more of an arcade game. For me, PES is all about being real football simulation. PES has new and refined artificial intelligence. What does that mean for the game? It means that the AI of PES will learn pattern of players, actively. So, you will be [...]

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