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11. February, 2017

Samsung Galaxy S8 the real pressure with the release of the new flagship

Even with the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco, Samsung is still world’s biggest smartphone manufacturer.  Their latest flagship-Samsung Galaxy S8 is the hottest topic for weeks now. While some people can’t wait to see the design and the specifications of the latest South Korean Tiger. Others just ask questions about the whats about to come. With the Note 7 battery issue people are still suspicious.Why there’s still no exact launch date for Galaxy S8? Why is the official start of their latest flagship in constant delay? Is Samsung preparing something really big ? Or this is just another marketing strategy ?

Galaxy S8 and what we know about it

(image [...]

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23. January, 2017

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 rise and fall: how it went down

When thinking about the worst thing that can happen to a smartphone the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 would be the best example ever. This week Samsung finally announced the cause of the Galaxy Note 7 incidents that led to a worldwide recall. Following several months of in-depth investigations, Samsung shared detailed results of the investigation and expressed his sincere apology and gratitude to Galaxy Note7 customers. Samsung’s investigation concluded that the Note 7 batteries were the cause of the Galaxy Note7 incidents.

How it went down While worldwide sales have stopped a couple of months ago the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 debacle continues to be a big headache for Samsung. The Note 7 [...]

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