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23. January, 2017

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 rise and fall: how it went down

When thinking about the worst thing that can happen to a smartphone the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 would be the best example ever. This week Samsung finally announced the cause of the Galaxy Note 7 incidents that led to a worldwide recall. Following several months of in-depth investigations, Samsung shared detailed results of the investigation and expressed his sincere apology and gratitude to Galaxy Note7 customers. Samsung’s investigation concluded that the Note 7 batteries were the cause of the Galaxy Note7 incidents.

How it went down While worldwide sales have stopped a couple of months ago the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 debacle continues to be a big headache for Samsung. The Note 7 [...]

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18. January, 2017

Google home in the game of home technology with Google home device against Alexa

Google home has arrived, now imagine yourself living alone, waking up in the morning. Your closets picks up what you should wear and your bathroom prepares you a shower. Then you go to your kitchen and your breakfast is ready. Your car is ready and you tell it where to drive you. And of course, your car decides the safest and the fastest route to your destination. When you go out, your house turns on all the security devices and waits for your return. Sounds like a distant future? Well, Google and Amazon started that future a while ago, and it seems pretty close. The future is called smart home technology.

Google home and what do we get from it?

We all love to make our lives [...]

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13. January, 2017

(CES) 5 Mind blowing technologies from the International Consumer Electronics Show

The International consumer electronics show CES 2017 is a holiday for all of us who love high tech. Every year people from all over the world gather to see scientific wonders. This year was no different and we have seen so many wonderful products of human imagination. I could write about all of them, but it would take days to write. So, I’m going to share with you some of the most interesting and most talked about products. Sit back, and enjoy these 5 mind blowing new technologies from the CES 2017.

Abilix Oculus vacuum cleaner

I know, it doesn’t sound as much. It’s a vacuum cleaner, so what? Well, this little guy is so much more than just a vacuum cleaner. It can be your [...]

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