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2. October, 2017

5 Hacks During Freelancer Hiring Process that Will Save You the Headache

The freelancer hiring process might be tricky on Upowrk and many other similar platforms offering the same concept. I have been working on Upwrok for a while already on both sides as a client and freelancer. There were few things that, I did not know when I first started as an employer and I wish I knew them before actually hiring someone. The lack of knowledge and experience led me to losing money and get robed legally.

This article will discuss 5 hacks that will definitely help you find the right freelancers for your projects. I am using these 5 hacks every single time, I post a job. Even though these are not bullet proof hiring tactics. I can still rest assure that by using [...]

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25. February, 2016

The Anatomy Of A Successful Freelancer

Did you ever asked yourself question, how some of the people are making money by working from home? Maybe you already tried to earn like that but failed every time. Or maybe you want to enter into freelancer world for the first time ever. The biggest benefit from this job is that you are your own boss. You need to have a good judging of doing all the things. Many people don’t take this job too seriously, but working as freelancer means really working just like every other job. Successful freelancer have technical skills and they keep their job for long a long time. People who are doing great in this job are working every day, and they love this job. Beginning is always [...]

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