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22. February, 2016

Freelancing On The Rise

“Digital” or “third industrial revolution” brought a big change in the way we live and work. The availability of a global network, facilitated communication and reach global markets favored the creation of generations of independent professionals or “freelancers.” Flexibility in work, time management and the possibility of remote operation are features of independent professionals that brings many benefits but also challenges that freelancers face every day.

In search of jobs and creation of contacts, most freelancers are using different platforms such as Freelance.com, Upwork, 99designs, and many others. The platforms function as a [...]

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22. July, 2015

How To Start a Freelance Career

The labor market situation has become more uncertain than ever and has consequently launched a demand growth of non-traditional forms of labor relations. This increased the number of freelancers or people who working as independent professionals. Being a freelancer means to be self-employed worker who is not a long time tied to a specific employer, and at the same time can be temporarily bound for several of them. This mode is usually adopted by people who after getting fired fail can’t find another steady job. However, many freelancers willingly chose to be free from the traditional mode because they realize that by their own skills they can earn more money than to work for [...]

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