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15. April, 2015

Mobile app or Web app?

The most important issue of mobile strategy of a company is to make a mobile app or web app? Some companies really do not need a mobile app (iOS or Android) but they need to make their website easy readable on small screens of mobile devices. But if your website have a good attendance of mobile users, there is another question: Do you need a mobile app? The answer to that question today is quite different from what will probably be in the future.

Present: Mobile Application

Currently, it is not necessary to think too much, make the application for mobile platforms. Research conducted by usability guru Jakob Nielsen shows clearly that users can quickly and easily manage with [...]

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14. April, 2015

Creative Resume / CV templates for download

Do you want a creative resume / CV to impress your employer?

CV is the basic document that you send in the search for a new job. It is vital to be viewed, grammatically correct… and interesting. Although the designers and developers are very creative people, their CVs usually do not differ much from each other. The strong competition and a vast number of applications is a real challenge to stand out, and many resort to creative resumes in order to get attention.

If you are creative, or just have a need to creatively display your current career and motivation to work at the company, why do not you express through your resume? Good resume / CV indeed are those who [...]

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4. November, 2014

5 Predictions for modern web design [infographic]

Industry of web and graphic design is developing in leaps and beyond borders. However, each year brings its own unique surprises. We anticipate many trends emerging with more focus on creating a simple and more sophisticated design.

Although, we noticed that many of the latest trends disappear and appear again, we can make some predictions about the trends of modern web design that will be represented in the design industry of the future.

1. Evolution of flat design

The time has passed when companies want their logos and icons pop up on their sites to attract users’ attention. How are laptops more and more in use, designers are ready to create design elements that [...]

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13. October, 2014

Best Rated Flat Powerpoint Templates in 2014

We wrote a lot about this particular topic, a few months ago we posted article similar to this, you can read it here. Every single day, millions of people around the globe are searching for the best PowerPoint and Keynote designs, creative & unique templates or inspiring examples. Each person involved in the latest web design, certainly noticed the current trend of making modern design. It’s about growing minimalist ‘flat design’ trend. More about flat design you can read here, or you can check out our infographic about flat design.  If you want to know how to make a good presentation, read this article.

Best Rated Flat Powerpoint Templates in 2014UX Modera Presentation [...]
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