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13. October, 2014

Best Rated Flat Powerpoint Templates in 2014

We wrote a lot about this particular topic, a few months ago we posted article similar to this, you can read it here. Every single day, millions of people around the globe are searching for the best PowerPoint and Keynote designs, creative & unique templates or inspiring examples. Each person involved in the latest web design, certainly noticed the current trend of making modern design. It’s about growing minimalist ‘flat design’ trend. More about flat design you can read here, or you can check out our infographic about flat design.  If you want to know how to make a good presentation, read this article.

Best Rated Flat Powerpoint Templates in 2014UX Modera Presentation [...]
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29. December, 2013

Infographic Design – vector infographic elements to design your own infographic

Infographic Design Elements Templates

This time we have collected some of the best infographic design element templates, which will help you to create and design your new infographic. Infographic elements allows you to design infographics quickly. These templates will save you a lot of time and will allow you concentrate more on your story , rather than on infographic design or other small infographic elements. Previously we have covered some of the best video infographic templates and flat design infographics. For more infographic elements and templates, please visit our marketplace and infographic shop.

“Flat Infographic template”

A set of flat minimal [...]

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22. October, 2013

5 Flat Design Powerpoint and Keynote Templates

Flat Design Infographic Templates

More and more customers and our blog readers wants to know about flat design powerpoint. Fact – flat design is really big deal these days. Recently i have made infographic about flat design. You can read more by checking out this article. Some people think that it’s only trend and won’t last long. But majority of web developers and designers agree that it will stay for a wile. However, i decided to collect some flat design powerpoint templates. If you are looking for a new presentation (.ppt powerpoint/ keynote format) template for your next project this list might help you to make your facts outstanding. I wrote couple of articles [...]

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21. September, 2013

Flat Design Trends and Freebie Flat Infographic elements template

Flat design was a trend, but since the beta release of iOS7 you hear it really anywhere: Flat design. In other words: No realistic textures, no shadows and no depth. It delivers very sleek and trendy design, but does this minimalist style contain sufficient clarity and distinction? What is the urge for flatness and will it be everywhere?


Microsoft continued in 2004 with their Media Center the first steps , but caught only the first blows to the launch of Windows Phone 7 . Now that Windows 8 is over for this style, we hear only growing criticism . The reason : too much simplicity creates a loss of clarity . Of course it is better than it was and there are certainly [...]

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