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14. January, 2016

The Best New iOS 9 Health App Features

Smart devices have almost become an extension of our body. In addition that we carry our smart phones everywhere and feel totally lost without them, the market is increasingly developing mobile applications to monitor our health and physical fitness.

With a handful of devices on the market, there is a whole range of different applications which can monitor the condition of your body, health and physical fitness, but also that can help you recognize the first signs of disease or to draw attention to some of the symptoms that might otherwise have ignored.

According to ABI Research, it’s projected that by 2017, there will be more than 170 million healthcare [...]

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17. August, 2015

Most Important Features of Android M

Fall is close, and except the rain, it brings us a new Android M. Although we do not know what M means, but is fairly well known what it brings with it. How you could be prepared for the new version of Android, here’s a cool infographic with all the most important features of Android M.

Back in June, Google announced the Android M and some of the most important novelty that brings. While many wonder will M mean Marshmallow or Milkshake, Google is keeping a new flavor of Android as secret.

As you will see, and believe and understand the infographic below, Android M brings better control applications, or better to say, access to application specific functions. You [...]

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27. July, 2015

Hidden Features of Social Networks

You surely use social networks every day, whether in private or business purposes. However, there are a number of hidden features and options that you may not know, and that can greatly facilitate daily use of each network. Most of the time we are familiar with the basics and have access to as much knowledge as we think we’ve got enough to get all that we want from social networks. Even if you have some more knowledge on this topic, we bring you few hidden features and tricks that you might still don’t know:

Assigning your YouTube video under unlisted

There is a difference between private and unlisted videos. While private video is available only to you and a few [...]

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13. July, 2015

Top 10 Security and Privacy Features of Office 365

How sure are you that the amount of emails you receive per day has no viruses? Office 365 gives you the security because they always have the latest anti-virus program for safe use of mail. Microsoft Office 365 includes all the functionality of the well-known Microsoft Office – Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, but with a number of improvements. How Office 365 is recognized by the users, shows the fact that the last version was downloaded millions of times, or once each second in the first hundred days of the publication.

Compared to the classic Microsoft Office, Office 365 is based on the cloud which means that you can additionally:

create, edit and view documents [...]
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